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This page shows the list of current Traffic Regulation Orders, Public Notices & Start of Work Notices. These are available for you to respond to.

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NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Experimental Order for Prohibition of Right Hand Turns on Barton Hill Drive and Lower Road, Minster-on-Sea
Due to congestion issues at the junction with Lower Road (A2500) and Barton Hill Drive, Kent County Council has made an Experimental Order to prohibited ‘Right Hand Turn Movements’ from Barton Hill Drive (southwest bound) into Lower Road (westbound) and Lower Road (A2500) (westbound) into Barton Hill Drive, Minster-on-Sea. 1. During the Experimental prohibition of ‘right hand’ turn movements all traffic southwest bound on Barton Hill Drive intending to travel westbound along Lower Road (A2500) will be required to turn left and proceed around the roundabout into Lower Road (A2500) (westbound). 2. All traffic westbound on Lower Road intending to turn right into Barton Hill Drive would need to take an alternative route via Thistle Hill Way. The Experimental Order has been made to allow for an assessment of the changes before a decision is taken to make it permanent.
Open 28 Oct 2016 01 May 2017
20mph Speed Limit in Northumberland Road, Maidstone
Following the consultation on the proposals to implement a 20mph Speed Limit on Northumberland Road, Maidstone(INTENT TO MAKE). KCC is now publishing details of the Sealed Order for the implementation of a 20mph Speed Limit on Northumberland Road, Maidstone. (HAS MADE)
Open 20 Jan 2017 03 Mar 2017
Amendment of Speed Limits in Various roads in Maidstone
Notice of Proposals to amend 1. 30mph Speed Limit along Albion Road and Plain Road. 2. 50mph Speed Limits along Plain Road 3. The derestricted Speed Limit along Thorn Road and Plain Road
Open 20 Jan 2017 13 Feb 2017
extension of the 40mph Speed Limits on various road in Tonbridge and Malling
Notice of proposals for the implementation to extend the 40mph Speed Limit in Tonbridge and Malling, Upper Haysden Lane and to amend the derestricted speed limit in Tonbridge and Malling, Haysden Lane and Upper Haysden Lane.
Open 20 Jan 2017 13 Feb 2017
Zebra Crossing - New Street, Sandwich
KCC is proposing to instal a zebra crossing on New Street to help pedestrians to cross the road between The Ropewalk and Mill Wall. As a result the start of the 20mph speed limit would be moved to south of St George's Road.
Open 11 Jan 2017 29 Jan 2017
Waiting Restrictions Various Roads Sevenoaks
Notice of Proposals for Prohibition and Restriction of waiting and loading & unloading and on-street parking places (amendment 22) Order 2017 - Hopgarden Lane, Little Julians Hill, White Friars, Sevenoaks
Open 06 Jan 2017 27 Jan 2017
Following the consultation on proposals to implement a 20mph speed limit on various roads in the borough of Tunbridge Wells (Intent to Make), KCC are now publishing details of the Sealed Order to implement a 20mph Speed Limit on Various Roads in Tunbridge Wells (Has Made)
Open 16 Dec 2016 27 Jan 2017
Experimental Order - High Street, Tonbridge
Notice of Experimental Traffic Regulation Order to suspend and replace restrictions in locations stated in the existing on-street Traffic Regulation Order/s (and all Amendments) - High Street, Tonbridge
Open 22 Jul 2016 27 Jan 2017

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